Ulrika Murray grew up in Stockholm surrounded by lots of music and theatre. In her teens she started singing in pop bands, and in 1996 Ulrika was one of the first female singers to make a full album of her own songs and arrangements in a jazz setting.

Ulrikas debut-album recieved great reviews. Fresh to the ears of the critics, among which some focused on her way of phrasing, others on her vocal dynamics or that they never heard something quite like it before. 
The lyrics were in Swedish and it has been diligently played long term by Radio Canada, in Japan and other places round the globe.

Ulrika collected a band and started working, moving audiences in clubs and churches, bars and concert halls. Among the best of musicians or by herself, singing her own songs along with material by others. All around her native country with a few recurrent scenes. Also for example to great praise in New York.

Two new albums are on their way. One was sold at three concerts in Stockholm, at Fasching, Allhelgonakyrkan and Mosebacke. The finished version - and release - of this album have sadly been delayed. It will be fully released along with a coming one. Releasedates will be announced on this site in good time.

More music is ready for recording, as well as favorites by other composers. Improvising is a great joy ever since childhood and Ulrika loves to share it with others.

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